2018 Global Development Cooperation Survey

About The Survey

Advance Knowledge

The 2018 Global Development Cooperation Survey is dedicated towards advancing academic and policy knowledge on global development governance in the post-2015 era.

Engage Stakeholder Perceptions

Through engaging with key development cooperation experts, this research programme will provide cutting-edge insight into stakeholder perceptions of legitimate and effective global development governance.

Contribute to Institutional Design

By participating, you will be ensuring that your organisation's voice is heard. In doing so, you will contribute to crucial debates on global institutional design. 

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Who is Involved

Public Sector

We want to gather perspectives from those who work in the public sector and have experience with issues relating to development cooperation. This not only includes traditional donors, but also providers of South South Cooperation and recipients. 

Civil Society

We believe that civil society can and does play an indispensable role within global development governance. We want to hear from not only civil society organisations in the North, but also from the vibrant civil society in the Global South. 

Private Sector

The private sector is now recognised as a vital partner in development cooperation. Whether you work for a large corporation, or a small or medium-sized business, we want to hear your perspective on global development governance. 

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2018 Global Development Cooperation Survey

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